Tarubishi Gou
Tarubishi profile
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Death Chapter 21 (Execution in Sand Dredging)
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Tarubishi Gou (樽菱 剛, Tarubishi Gō) is a player introduced in Sand Dredging.

Kamisama no Iutoori NiEdit

Sand DredgingEdit

Tarubishi participates in Kami's Sand Dredging as part of the East Mountain. In round 22, he nominates himself to take the turn and risk scooping 100 grams from the remains of the East Mountain. However, in order to let his high-school friend Tamayose Shin'ya live, he refuses to take any sand. Thus, the flag still remains standing in the East Mountain after round 22, and Tarubishi's skull is crushed by the monkey statue as a punishment for scooping 0 grams.