Gender Male
Status Deceased
Death Chapter 86 (Fall)
Manga Chapter 85
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Pikakin (ピカキン, Pikakin) is a side-character introduced in Acid Mana's first game - Sky-High Hopscotch.

Kamisama no Iutoori NiEdit

Sky-High HopscotchEdit

Pikakin is first seen kneeling on the starting platform in Sky-High Hopscotch, greeting his online viewers while facing his laptop webcam in what appears to be a Let's Play live-stream of the trial.

Tenma Yuu states that Pikakin is a famous God's Child who represents God's Children online. He is promptly grabbed by Higashihama Tasuku, who almost sacrifices him by dropping him onto the playing field in order to learn about the rules of Sky-High Hopscotch. This is only prevented by Akashi jumping onto the field first, revealing that the plates can be stepped on. 

Later when traversing the field of platforms, Pikakin gains momentum and falls through a K-plate upon stepping on it with his alternate foot, thus breaking the rules.


The scene introducing Pikakin emphasizes his preoccupation with the online world, talking to his viewers rather than the group of players he finds himself in the trial with. Even when grabbed by Tasuku, Pikakin is never seen letting go of his laptop except in his last scene. Instead, he is constantly talking to his viewers who mainly give negative feedback and ask him to die.


  • Pikakin is a reference to HIKAKIN, a Japanese YouTuber.
  • His laptop has a mark on its back akin to Apple's, implying a parodied Mac.