The second game the protagonists of the story must play is called Maneki-Neko.

About the GameEdit

The rules of the game are straightforward-one must fit the bell through the hoop on the cat's collar. That being said, the cat is fully sentient with free range of motion. However, there are mouse costumes provided for all of the participants...


After defeating the Daruma , Shun and Akimoto head to the gym, where they find the 3rd and 1st years in mice costumes. After refusing to don the costumes, Maneki-Neko falls from the ceiling, crushing one of the upperclassmen instantly. Maneki-Neko starts attacking, only going after those who are wearing the mice costumes. Shun puts on a costume to save Akimoto, and manages to dodge Maneki's attacks and retrieve the bell. He passes the bell to Kikkawa who takes the shot, only to be killed when Maneki catches the ball and throws it through him, revealing it's full range of motion. 

Maneki speaks for the first time after this, saying "It's itchy, my back is itchy." However, since only Shun is wearing the mouse costume, he is the only one who can hear it. He hops upon Maneki's back and scratches, much to the confusion of everyone around him. Shun convinces Akimoto to scratch with him which causes Maneki to fall asleep, allowing for an opening for the other students to fit the bell. After throwing the bell under-handed, Shun catches the bell and dunking it through the net, clearing the Maneki-Neko game.