Mamemaki (まめまき, Mamemaki) is the first game that the students who skipped school have to play. Mamemaki is a custom in Japan where the day before the start of Spring a family banishes Oni (demons) in order to have good luck. They do this but throwing a roasted soybean at a person wearing an Oni mask or by throwing it out the door.

The gameEdit

There are 5 Oni that the protagonists must banish. They do this by searching the school grounds for balls that have a soybean inside them, and then throwing the bean at an Oni, where the bean explodes doing damage to or killing the Oni. There are also fake balls that have useless things inside of them acting as distractions.

Warm OniEdit

One of the Oni has the ability to burn anything he touches. He is roughly the size of a average man, maybe slightly taller than average.

Cold OniEdit

The second Oni has the ability to freeze anyone that he touches. Again he is about the size of a full grown man.

Dazzling OniEdit

The third Oni has the ability to shine with a very bright light that blinds people who look at it. He looks like a very large fat man that levitates a foot or so above the ground in a seated position. Even in this seated position his head is higher than the characters, so he might be around 12-15 feet in height standing.

Gas OniEdit

The fourth Oni has the ability to produce foul smelling, poisonous gas-specifically by farting. He is the size of a small child, maybe four feet tall.

Tiny OniEdit

This Oni is the size of a wasp and has a very large jaw, which it uses to eat holes through people's bodies


When Sein Kami opens the Kusudama ball to start the game, 5 Oni appears as they start killing the students who skipped school.


*: These participants weren't shown, but is implied they participated in the game.