Maeda Kotarou
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Manga Chapter 8
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Maeda Kotarou (前田 小太郎, Maeda Kotarō) is seen next to Akimoto. He helps her, Shun and Shouko get the key to the door from the hospital ceiling.

He is a first year from Bandain high. He's especially good at quizzes and puzzles.

Survival historyEdit


Maeda's kokeshi form

He survived the Daruma and Maneki-neko games, but was turned into a kokeshi at the hospital. However, he is saved by Akimoto and manages to get through the door and passes on to the next game.

He falls sick during the Shouben kouzou game, but Shun looks after him and is soon feeling better. He is in the group of survivors and so he is brought to a castle by Urashima Tarou, where he has fun and plays many games, though he thinks he is about to be killed after playing paper-scissors-rock against Ichika and loses.

Urashima Tarou comes back and makes the group choose a stick out of a bowl; the ones who have a cross will die, while the ones who have a circle will live. Unfortunately he has a cross and dies along with Eiji, Shouko and Sanada's twin.

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