Jump the Rope

Jump the Rope is one of the many games that takes place in the hospital, connected to the Kokeshi and Find the Key games.


The rules are simple-two kokeshi are holding hands and using their extended arms as jump ropes. The only way to free the people trapped inside the kokeshi dolls is to have four people jump the rope 100 times. However, the rope is sharp-if you miss your jump, it'll cut through flesh and bone.

In the StoryEdit

In the hospital after Shun frees Shouko in the Kokeshi game, they run into a pair of people jumping rope, with one of the kokeshi named Akimoto. Thinking it's his friend, Shun and Shouko jump in, but their partners are killed. Eventually, Akimoto and Maeda show up and join in, saving Shun and Shouko. After jumping 100 times, the kokeshi are revealed to be Eji and Kris-his first name is also Akimoto. As a reward for clearing the game, they are given a key with the number seven on it.

The group later finds Amaya jumping by himself, counting his 7000th jump. The kokeshi kick up the speed to the point where it rips their arms off, but Amaya dodges the rope and destroys the kokeshi. 

In the second season, Akashi is able to see on TV his friend Aoyama jumping the rope along with someone else (who dies).