Higashihama Tasuku
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Manga Chapter 85
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Higashihama Tasuku (東浜佑, Higashihama Tasuku) is one of gods children and the smartest person in Japan. He survived cube #41 along with Aoyama.


Growing up being called a genius most of his life, Tasuku regards everyone as idiots. He is apathetic and views the death of another with no concern, even going as far as to use anothers life to figure out the rules for one of the games.

Tasuku has a rather calm and collected attitude that doesn't seem to change even when 634 meters above the ground. He is able to understand a person's thought process easily and predict what actions they will make.

At the end game of Sky-High Hopscotch, he realized that what he wanted in life was to find someone who can defeat him to wake him up from his apathy.


Standing at above average height, Tasuku has a firm muscular build. He wears glasses and initially red striped pajamas.

The Second SeriesEdit

Sky-High HopscotchEdit

Waking up on a large metal plate along with four other participants of the death game, Tasuku wakes the unknowing Akashi up. After a miniature scarecrow appears and reveals more plates, Tasuku grabs one of the players and hold him off the plate in order to gain knowledge of the game right before being stopped by Akashi. He responds to Akashi by berating him for being so sentimental, questioning how he even survived so long.

After gaining knowledge about the game from the other's actions, Tasuku was able to easily clear the first part of the game, causing the surrounding black substance to dissapear, revealing that they were 634 meters above the ground along with many other contestansts. After hearing Akashi shouting "Beef" he remembers a person who also yelled such, much to Akashi's surprise it was his friend. After all the people reached the starting plate, numbers began to appear on them.


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