Hara Kai
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Manga Chapter 6
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Hara Kai (原 海, Hara Kai) is strong supporting character in Kamisama no Iutoori Ni. Coming in as a pacifist, he is a soft spoken, timid person who is forced to resort to violence to save his new friends. 


Introduced a timid man, Kai spoke very quietly and stayed out of the spotlight-simply doing what he could to survive. Originally falling in with Akashi, he decides to participate in Cat's Cradle, where he forced to use violence to stay alive, temporarily turning violent and selfish before coming to his senses.


Kai is introduced in Chapter 7 when Akashi an Rui run into the school to escape from the Oni. He found the first bean capsule, which Akashi uses to save Mei when they are attacked by the Oni.