Gender Male
Status Deceased
Manga Chapter 11
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Fujiharu (藤春, Fujiharu) is a character in Kamisama no Iutoori Ni. He first appears fighting the "Dazzling" and "Warm" Oni.


Fujiharu is very headstrong and logical, an ideal tactictian. When he is first introduced, he is acessing the situation and coming up with a plan of attack with Akashi's group. He is quick on his feet and able to adapt.


First appearing in Chapter 11 as he attacked the Oni with Mitsuba as Sarami dies as a distraction, he kills "Dazzling" and takes one of "Warm"s arms using the beans. When Akashi's group comes out of the school, he explains the situation to them and decides the group's next moves.

Fujiharu and Mitsuba both partake in the Musical Chairs Game, the last time he is seen, is when a monkey is covering his ears, later on, Mitsuba informs Akashi that Fujiharu had died during the game, and she regretted not telling Fujiharu that she loved him.