Akimoto Ichika
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Manga Chapter 2
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Akimoto Ichika (秋元 いちか, Akimoto Ichika) is presented in the second chapter, when she exits class 2-C and meets up with Shun. She seems quite composed and has worked together with Shun from the first moment.

Survival historyEdit

She is the only person left alive from class C after playing Daruma ga Koronda. She meets up with Shun after the first game and, though she refuses to put the mouse outfit on, she helps Shun scrath the Maneki-neko's back to put him to sleep, which later allows them to manage to fit the bell. She survives the game and is bought to a hospital, after being kissed by Amaya. Once at the hospital, she is taken away by Naitou-san to be interrogated about the incidents at school. She appears later along with Maeda and helps Shun and Shouko jump the rope, therefore managing to get the key and saving two kokeshi on the way (Oku and Kris).

She doesn't really like the fact that Amaya is going along with them, but changes her mind when he saves her by pulling her through the door. They come out inside the cube that was in the roof and find themselves having to play tug of war, where the group that loses will be shot by cupid statues.

Maeda falls sick, Kris and Eiji are fighting and Ichika is angry, so they are nearly killed, but Shun manages to make everyone calm down. Their group gets to the last round, and when they think that it's their time to fight, Urashima Tarou appears and takes them to a castle, along with the other winning group.

All of them have fun in the castle and have a rest, but Tarou-san then makes them choose a stick out of a bowl. The ones who have a cross die, and the ones who have a circle live. Ichika is lucky and he is free to go home, along with Shun, Kris, Yukio and Amaya.

Once Kamimaro appears a few weeks later, she decides to go back inside the cube to play the next round of games. She is put in the first group together with Shun, Amaya, Yukio, Kris, who she already knows, and Kageura, Kaburagi, Ookuma and Hirano.

She has to participate in the fourth race of the Courage race (or foot race), in lane one. Shun, in the same race in lane two, tells her to follow him close behind. Shun guesses the correct answer and they both make it to the next game.

In season 2, she meets Shun again near the end of the Three Kingdom Cops and robbers and is one out of 13 people that make it into the next game.

She sacrifices herself in "Judgment Old Maid" to give Shun a chance to kill Kamimaro.

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